The pristine appearance of your boat, caravan or pool is like a business card. Cleaning is an unpleasant duty that each of us has to perform regularly. So it is worth choosing the most effective measures. After all, you invest your time in what is most valuable. Trust our know-how. Trust – The Cleaner.

The Cleaner is a revolutionary product for cleaning boats, yachts and more. It is a highly effective and, most importantly, biodegradable detergent so that you can use it on land and water without worry. Be ECO like The Cleaner and protect the environment!

The Cleaner instantly deals with stubborn dirt while neutralizing unpleasant odours. Unlike other cleaners, it requires virtually no induction time. Biodegradable particles quickly dissolve dirt without acting aggressively on the surface. In short: you apply the product, spread it, and after wiping over the stain, there is no trace left. The Cleaner will save you a lot of effort and time. Enjoy beautiful moments sailing in open waters and forget about time-consuming scrubbing your boat.

The Cleaner works exceptionally well on: Gelcoat, plastics, synthetic leather, bimini, tarps, wooden and synthetic decks, non-slip surfaces, pontoons, engine compartments, and other washable surfaces.

Due to the exclusive distribution agreement for The Cleaner in Poland, we can offer it at a bargain price. The product is available in 1 L and 5 L bottles, along with a practical atomizer. We also provide other cleaning accessories like dedicated sponges and brushes. Write to us, and you will receive a free quote. Remember, when you order more – you pay less!

We realize how hard it is to restore a yacht to a clean condition after cruising. With The Cleaner, however, it becomes child's play! The Cleaner will open your eyes to what previously seemed impossible. See for yourself!

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