It is worth bearing in mind that producing a beautiful and functional deck requires properly selected raw materials and correct processing and experience. From the beginning, our company has been committed to the highest quality, which we achieve by employing skilled boatbuilders and carefully processing materials.  

The teak wood we use for decking is always left to dry, as this process translates into its durability. Drying also makes the teak virtually impervious to moisture, making it highly resistant to mould and mildew growth. This provides a safe and non-slip surface, which is very important when moving on a boat or yacht.

The quality and durability of the natural teak decks we produce mean that, with proper care, they serve for many seasons and never fail to impress with their beauty and elegance. At this point, it is worth noting that we work only with the most experienced boatbuilders, who have to their credit, produced thousands of meters of decks, both for small vessels and superyachts. From under the chisels of our employees come elegant panels that delight not only sailing enthusiasts. We provide them with the highest quality raw material, and they turn it into a real work of art.

 Our range of natural teak decks is broad and can be customized on special request. We offer a variety of deck thicknesses, starting with 4 mm panels and going up to 12 mm. However, this does not mean that this is the maximum thickness, as we can also make a thicker deck upon individual order.  

Also to be agreed with the customer is the way it is finished (with or without gunwale strips), the width of the staves, joints or the overall layout of the panels. Our comprehensive advice also distinguishes our offer because we suggest what solutions will work best on the customer's boat each time.