Since the first laminate yachts appeared, sailors have had very extreme feelings when it comes to decks made of the natural teak. On the one hand, they provide great anti-slip properties and add warmth and elegance to the appearance of the boat. On the other hand, their installation and maintenance are expensive and require a lot of time and effort. The decision to choose a deck made of natural teak is therefore always a compromise.

PlasDECK® does not accept compromises. It is the only product and brand that combines the best features of natural wood and synthetic decks, without many of their disadvantages, and at a much lower price. How is that even possible?

  • Thanks to the patented formula and the so-called PlasDECK® does not age due to non-migrating plasticizers. Unlike natural wood or other competing solutions, its colour does not change with age, does not fade, and does not turn grey. Your deck will always look like new. See more
  • Properties and resistance, both mechanical and anti-fungal and against UV rays, remain at the highest level for many years. See more
  • PlasDECK® synthetic decks require almost no care and maintenance. Thanks to the homogeneous structure, even red wine, fatty oils, fish blood or dirt do not penetrate into it. A little soap and water and the deck looks like new again. See more
  • To create PlasDECK® you do not need to cut down exotic wood. What's more, PlasDECK® offers Eco-Series decks, for the production of which it uses waste, scraps and cuttings resulting from the preparation of ready panels. Thanks to this, nothing is wasted, and PlasDECK® is the only product of this type on the market that is truly ecological. See more
  • In the case of mechanical damage to natural teak, you need to put a lot of effort into its repair. PlasDECK® is characterized by a much higher resistance to this type of damage, and if necessary, the renovation itself is child's play and less troublesome. See more
  • PlasDECK® offers additional, innovative and unattainable solutions for natural teak, such as PlasDECK CoolTEAK® or PlasDECK Glow Azure®
  • Synthetic teak decks can be installed on a yacht with much less financial outlay - depending on the scope of work, it is 25-50% less. Ask for a quote