What is the MarineMat® foam deck?

MarineMat® foam is a plastic combination of ethylene copolymer and vinyl acetate. As a result, it is a flexible, soft and tactile material with a wide range of uses. Why is it perfect for decks on boats or yachts? The key here is the properties of the material. This is because MarineMat® foam is waterproof and non-absorbent so it can be used in high moisture conditions. Owners of this type of solution also appreciate that it perfectly dampens noise, and its non-slip nature significantly increases safety on board. What else characterizes MarineMat® decks? First of all, the fact that they guarantee full cushioning when walking without putting stress on the joints. The boat's comfort is also increased by its excellent thermal insulation properties – in summer, it assures a cooler below deck, and in winter, it is noticeably warmer.