PlasDECK® is not afraid of anything! You can confidently walk around the deck with your shoes on as any remaining dirt and dust will not be absorbed by our decks and will remain pristine. PlasDECK® is the most resistant synthetic teak ever made.

  • UV protection
    PlasDECK® is equipped with the best UV protection technology on the market, i.e. the same technology that protects the best car manufacturers' plastic parts. UV protection is applied over the entire thickness of the material, so its effect does not weaken over time.

  • Mould and fungus
    Both of the above can thrive in virtually all humid environments. However, PlasDECK® has a unique chemical composition and contains anti-fungal inhibitors, so mould and fungus cannot form. PlasDECK® has been designed so that it will always maintain protection over the entire cross-section of the material, preventing the migration of mould and fungus to the deck surface, as it happens with other products on the market.

  • Dogs / pets
    PlasDECK® carefully listens to the needs of its customers, even those four-legged, who are often constant companions on cruises. PlasDECK® is completely friendly to dogs and other animals, resisting all dirt and damage that they can cause.