Teak is a wood that is obtained from trees naturally found in Asia. For our production, we use only the species Tectona Grandis, known in Poland as Indian oak – the king of the equatorial rainforests of the southeastern part of the continent, including tropical Burma.  

And why exactly, teak? First of all, by its unmatched aesthetics and traditional appearance. Teak wood looks very elegant, even premium, and at the same time gives a sense of softness and warmth. Significant, however, is the fact that the teak we offer contains a large amount of oily substances and silicates, which makes it resistant to the harmful effects of the weather.  

At this point, it is worth noting that it is also characterized by a low moisture saturation point of the fibres, through which it does not swell or shrink. This plays a vital role in the unit itself, where the deck has a low tendency to crack.  

The high content of oils and silicic acid salts prolongs the life of teak wood because, as a result, it is not only resistant to abrasion but also not susceptible to decay and attacks by woodworms, insects, or other pests. Such a composition, moreover, gives it a distinctive fragrance reminiscent of almonds or Christmas nuts.

The Tectona Grandis species we use, instead of wood from fast-growing plantation crops, is the world's best dedicated raw material for natural decking. At the same time, it is an excellent choice for your boat, and we confirm its quality and origin with the appropriate certificate upon request.