A popular myth - often repeated among friends and on the Internet - is the problem of heating synthetic teak decks in full sun. In the case of PlasDECK®, nothing could be further from the truth!

The problem of heating up was de facto related to the synthetic teak introduced to the market 15 years ago. Since then, PlasDECK® has been significantly improved so that overheating is no longer a problem. What's more, in this respect, the improved formula achieves an advantage even over real teak wood.

The maximum temperature reached in full sun by PlasDECK® ranges from 8 to 16 degrees less than natural teak, depending on the colour chosen. In fact, the material can heat up even less when choosing lighter shades of the deck. In addition, PlasDECK® reaches its maximum temperature much more slowly than real teak and returns to ambient temperature in a few minutes. Another factor that cannot be overlooked is the ability to wet the surface at any time without the risk of slipping.

And how does PlasDECK® compare to competing synthetic teak decks? Still great! Thanks to the unique, patented formula in the same color, PlasDECK® reaches a temperature 3 to 6 degrees lower than the best competitive product. On very hot and sunny days, this seemingly small difference provides even greater comfort.