Also in this case, PlasDECK® turned out to be a real innovator by launching the REVEAL-Series® line, based on the ECO-series decks. It is the embodiment of the idea of creating more and more environmentally friendly solutions, which also uses the latest technologies for this purpose. REVAL® has changed the standard approach to synthetic teak decks. Thanks to the use of CNC machines, we can engrave lines on your board in any arrangement, which gives you the possibility of personalization on an unprecedented level. The production process of the REVEAL® line is similar to the process used for EVA decks, but PlasDECK® is incomparably more resistant and durable.

Curved lines, rhombuses, honeycombs, logos or inscriptions can be made as part of the design for your boat. The possibilities are virtually endless.

The product is available in the following colors: Grey/Black, Montauk/Black, Aged/Black and Natural/Black

Available colours