PlasDECK® synthetic decks offer the opportunity to personalize the appearance of your yacht in a way unparalleled in other competitive solutions. Express yourself with your own logo on board!

We offer the possibility of creating a custom pattern containing, among others, illustrations, logos or inscriptions. This can be the name of your unit or any other word in almost any available font. Choose the right graphics for it - your company's logo, compass rose, setting sun ... the possibilities are practically endless.

Created patterns can be of any size, shape and color from the standard color palette. In the case of larger orders, we can even make lines between the staves in any color or not make them at all, thus obtaining a uniform surface. Yet another solution is the application of Glow-Series® technology in the form of small accents, standard lines between the staves or even filling in the logo, which will illuminate your deck in the dark in an unprecedented way.

Contact us today and see for yourself what we can offer you. We are only limited by our imagination, but the decision is always yours.