Fratelli Zucchini has been a pioneer in adhesive and sealant solutions for more than 50 years.

Fratelli Zucchini is an Italian company founded in 1930. In the late 1950s, it specialized its design and production activities toward sealants and adhesives with industrial and marine applications.

Thanks to comprehensive cooperation with international industry players and years of laboratory research, Fratelli Zucchini is now one of Italy's largest and most specialized companies. The product strategy is based on years of experience and highly skilled technical service personnel. Fratelli Zucchini is the leader in MS PolymerTM-based technology in Europe and the only authorized KANEKA manufacturer in Italy.

BRIZO YACHTING is the exclusive distributor of Zucchini products in Poland and Germany. Among other items, we offer polymeric sealants and adhesives, which are excellent for installing and finishing wood or PVC decks. Zucchini's main characteristics are excellent adhesion, strength and UV resistance compared to its polyurethane counterparts. In addition, there is no need for primers before use, which significantly speeds up work and reduces costs. After application, the material shows high cohesiveness, does not shrink, remaining permanently elastic. We also offer high-quality sealing foams, primers, silicones, glass sealants, resin-based products and many other Zucchini products. Contact us!

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