PlasDECK® is the market leader when it comes to the quality of synthetic teak decks. It also sets new standards in terms of ecological solutions. As the only manufacturer, it has completely solved the problem of waste, scraps and cuttings that arise in the production process of ready-made decks. How?

Eco-Series is an innovative line of products, which consists of 60% recycled material. The aforementioned scraps are recycled by a specialized company. The semi-finished product prepared in this way is reused for the production of synthetic decks. As a result, a 100% quality and ecological product is created, which at the same time has a lower price! The total thickness of the decks in this series is approx. 3.5 mm, of which 1.5 mm is the Classic-Series line. The Eco-Series looks identical on the outside to the classic PlasDECK® series, while the lower, black deck layer is made entirely from recycled materials. Not only in nature but also in PlasDECK®, nothing is lost!

PlasDECK Eco-Series® won the 2018 Miami International Boat Show - an international yacht and boat show - as the most innovative product in the Environmental Award category.

“This is recycling at its best – it saves money for the manufacturer and the consumer.”

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