Why our MarineMat® foam deck?

The MarineMat® foam decking offered by our company is a product whose parameters are among the best on the market. The panels are of 6 mm thick foam, ordered only from recognized manufacturers. Its hardness (at 50-55 Shore) and density (115 kg/m³) make the panels more durable and resistant to permanent deformation. Also noteworthy is that our MarineMat® foam has passed UV resistance tests, with an Anti-UV score of 3000h, which directly translates into its durability. In this respect, competing foams cannot compare with us. We offer nearly 15 colour combinations to give your deck a unique, head-turning look.

An additional option is the ability to personalize the panels' appearance so that we can meet the expectations of even the most discerning customers. You can specify the width or length of joints and staves and the way or type of finishing. We will make virtually any design for you, from rhombuses, circles, and honeycombs to the popular wind rose or your logo with an inscription.