PlasDECK® is one of the longest-existing synthetic teak decking solutions on the market. It comes from the USA, from Akron, Ohio. It is the capital of the world for the development and manufacture of plastic-based products. Close cooperation with engineers allows for the continuous development of the best synthetic teak in the world. All imperfections have been eliminated for nearly 20 years of continuous product improvement. Scientists at the molecular level have developed a formula that makes PlasDECK® second to none and a market leader.

We use the raw material manufactured in the USA to create ready-made decks, based on templates obtained from the target vessel and the client's guidelines. Each element is hand-assembled and then assembled on the yacht by qualified personnel, in accordance with the highest PlasDECK® standards. Thanks to this, we offer the highest quality, not only of the decks but also of their subsequent assembly on your vessel.