The most popular way to become a PlasDECK® deck owner is our turnkey service. In fact, it is a package of all the steps that allow us to mount PlasDECK® on your deck in the best possible way. This service consists of the following stages:

  • Creation of templates and digital design of your decks (manually or digitally).
  • All panels are handcrafted by a skilled team of all panels in accordance with design guidelines.
  • Preparation of the surface for the installation of a new deck.
  • Installation of PlasDECK® by a qualified team.
  • Finishing works, i.e. sealing and final cleaning.

The whole process does not require any action from you, except for making the unit available at the agreed time. Our team will handle each step with the utmost care.

A comprehensive service is the best way to get a great effect. A small mistake at any stage may be impossible to fix or prove costly. Ignoring the recommendations and installation guidelines can significantly reduce the durability of the deck. So don't risk it, trust the professionals!